Thursday, July 14, 2011

Painting, Laundry, Garden

This painting was done while monitoring heavy things in the washer and light things in the dryer. It just happened and then of course I had to fuss with it, scan it and then alter it. Enjoyable to paint when it hardly matters, just using up paint and arranging odds and ends. So it is a collage also and an altered digitally collage plus that.

Of course a couple garden photos. This is peek time for gardens in this area.

Thank you for your visit, your comments.


Sharon said...

Sweet sweet girl and collage. Your style is always there. I never get tired of seeing your garden photos and am always amazed at the contrast from winter and now.

Diane said...

I love viewing your art--so unique!
And as always--I'm envious of your garden artistry.

wanda miller said...

oooh em, how does your garden grow, with pretty things and yummy things all not in a row (i like it that way) and i just saw your strawberries on a previous post. i came and sat for awhile and just breathed deep soothing breaths, peering around at the colors, wonders and bees.
your ladies ain't to shabby neither...they are so sweet and summery. thank you for a lovely lovely time, you know i'll be back again and again. xoxo

Say It In Color said...

I was looking at your past posts and the recent one and I've been missing a lot of your artwork....and your garden!! I am envious of both, as no time for art and the heat in Texas has been horrible....but thanks for the beautiful shots of your path and flowers!!! Loving the collage too!!!

Nelda said...

Your gardens are so amazing! And I'm loving your art also.

Star said...

wow!!! Oh WOW!! Do you think we could we could exchange flower gardens? When you weed mine out and it to growing like yours, I'll give yours back! LOL!
Actually mine has been terribly neglected for a couple of years. I did find a nearby source for manure but it's not clean so I'm scared I'll add more weeds if I use it. A whole bunch of beebalm seems to have disappeared or died out. I have no idea why. Maybe I pulled too many plants giving to others?