Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Looking at Henri Benoit Emile Matisse

Sometimes one comes across something that strikes them just right, I came across these paintings on the Internet some days ago. I liked the boldness of the work and the paintings seemed to say these are not perfect but they are beautiful. After all they are impressions. You can see more and read about Henri Matisse here. You can use Google images to see painting after painting and see that Matisse painted in various ways, always bold with lots of color. The amazing thing to me is he died in 1954, and for some that seems long ago but I was 9 then. Also note that middle name.

I will post a couple of his paintings here and then mine which was inspired from his work. Still feeling inspired by Henri.

This is a WIP, there are areas I am not satisfied with. I have already struggled with those areas. Also you can tell which is the altered view. I had to try that also. I have to say I am quite liking the painting even tho it took on my look.
That blurry line in the middle of the painting....I had to scan it in two parts and put it together again with print shop.


Diane said...

Oooh--I am liking it too Emilie!

Judy said...

I'm likeing it also, Emelie!