Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rains and Rains so I Paint

That is only sort of true, it has been hard to have motivation with this hot wet weather and that is the poorest excuse, except one can't work outside and now it is soggy, really soggy, we are just short of 5 inches of rain in 96 hours and we were slightly wet before that. So stormy early mornings until noon and then later at night.

In this painting you will see some swirls I made a stamp by gluing pieces of rubber band on a wooden block, it works pretty well, I never really come up with totally new ideas they are just new to me. I am going to look for very wide ones.

The garden, is rather a mess, not in this photo as this is last years but the same if the hard rain and wind had not crushed things. It is going to take some time to get some order back in the garden.

I wonder why I look forward to a rainy day, imagine all sorts of things created or accomplished and then I don't. I do have visions of sitting around reading books and I do that. Elizabeth Berg is a great author, she writes things that I think but don't say and I have always thought that is the secret to good writing. Write what your thinking not what you think you should write.

I know...her eye..I sort of like it that way. I may not change it.

Wishing you a great August, appreciate every moment. Some moments are much arder to appreciate.


Jacqueline said...

Beautiful painting!!!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

This is my favorite now. She is beautiful with a story.
We need rain so bad here. And a little cool would help. 107º for a couple of days.

Diane said...

I agree with Sharon--I love her story.
And I like the way you express yourself in your posts--you have a great way with words.

simply blue said...

Emelie....I love the way you bring your love of the garden to your paintings...scrumptious colors!

Nelda said...

I love the rich color combination you have achieved in this painting. Very nice.

Theresa Plas said...

Had to catch up with you on your blog Em! Your muse is alive and well...STUNNING pieces! Love 'em ALL!