Friday, August 19, 2011

Painting, Me and a BATB

BATB stands for "bit about the bat" I have not seen that anywhere on the web.:*)
He stayed there all day, note how he would wave sometimes, I think he thought he was a princess riding a float, that would make him a she I think. I had a grabber with a long handle from when I broke my leg, Richard used that to pick him off the fan and put him outside. I bet she was so hungry and waiting for evening mosquitoes. Bat in Previous post

This is a painting with effort into creating darker backgrounds, also practice on carelessness of paint strokes. It is painted on brown paper.

You need to know this....I have not taken a picture of me or had anyone do that in a very long time, so to have two pictures in a week is unusual. One evening I had my daughter help me with a photo taking and they were horrible, (not her fault) but I sort of rescued one. No one can look bad with stained glass, birds and butterflies can they?

Someone asked, yes my own flowers in blog photos, and those are dill pickles.

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simply blue said... have certainly "found the light" in your artwork...beautiful.