Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reminders And Change

You all know how nothing ever stays the same, maybe it shouldn't maybe the mind is better with change, friends I have talked to talk about moving, new jobs, all good things but with some regrets also. So that is what I was thinking of while painting this. Also try as I might I could not capture the colors in this painting, not matter the tries all came out with a washed out look, the colors are rather pale.

The reminder part is about covers we use to buy to cover the opening in the chimney, the opening where the pipe from the stove went in, we would take some of the stoves out of the house in the summer and then cover that in the house chimney opening with a decorative plate that was metal, the designs sort of looked like her head gear, even that part near to her face.

Of course we have to have some garden photos, the day we had some winds with the storms the garden was sort of swirling, it looked like you were mixing white cake batter with a mixer and then dropped in some pastel sprinkles and kept beating. It has been some work to untangle, I did feel like going out there with a large sprayer of Round Up and say I am done with this ever lasting, time demanding, bug infested, beat down garden. that didn't happen just saying made me know I had a choice and often that is all we need, to know we have a choice. BTW notice how tall that field corn is, in that same location in a dry year it hardly came to our waist.


Gloria said...

Very nice Emelie. Love your lady and I definitely love the yard. Lots of color and plenty of flowers. Really an ideal get lost in the garden type, which I love. Hi Emelie. Hope you are doing well and that your weekend is going well. You take care and thanks for sharing.

*jean* said...

o your lady is gorgeous! very stunning! and your gardens are gorgeous!!!

Nelda said...

I noticed the field corn behind your flowers. It is amazing. Such a good background for your garden. Your girl is fantastic.