Saturday, August 13, 2011

Love Altering

I do I love what a photo program can do to a photo, this is a really unsophisticated photo program also.

so you have seen these paintings and now they are different, the can be in journals or used as cards, small tags, different sizes and different in other ways also as in color. It is a bit of satisfaction when I haven't gotten to paint because it is creating something.

Finny how gardening this time of year is taking away and that is satisfaction there but not as much and it is different because the labor of gardening gives one a different feeling that completion of an art project.


simply blue said...

Emelie...are all of these flowers in your garden?! The art is very the effects you achieve.

Diane said...

Such beautiful creations--both yours and nature's.

Judy said...

VERY Nice, Emelie!! I always enjoy seeing your gardens AND your creations!!