Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's Just Wrinkle

While doing some sweaters in monitoring the dryer for just a few minutes I started a painting, A paper bag cut up, just not really paying much attention that thing were getting rather creative just having fun. Then of course it took the horrible turn, but I had more things to monitor in the dryer, wool. I kept going and suddenly had a collage/painting. So too bad about the fold in the paper. It does not show as much as it does in a scan.

I am loving these kings these year you may see them again, someone did them in a ceramics class and did them nicely.


wanda miller said...

YES EM..i am savoring the season like you. slow and easy, taking in each moment without getting into the christmas frenzy. i love your wise men, yes, someone did a grand job! no worries with wrinkles, still lovely as ever! xo

Sharon Tomlinson said...

This a beautiful masterpiece. You absolutely have such a way with collage! and I love her face.

simply blue said...

Emelie...your art has an ethereal quality about it that I just love...very it contagious? I wish! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love your ladies...the background is so nice on this one too...a agree with what blue said...your art has an ethereal qualtiy about it. Happy holidays Emelie!!!