Sunday, December 4, 2011

Can't Stop!

Everything takes on a new look all papers and magazines, as they are used a different way for this type of art work. I did a scan and print of some fabric I have for this one, it has always been a favorite fabric, it never really fit into a quilt I would make or I never got the prints right to go with it. Funny when I think something is just right with something else and it isn't, or maybe it is and I can't see it or extend my artful thinking to get it right because I am stuck on how I think it should be.

Do you know how often something in some area of life has not been right because the image I see in my head is different from what really is? Think of looking for something that someone else has sent you to look for, something your not really familiar with in your household, you get this image from their description and go hunt to no avail. Then they come along all disgusted and find it. It doesn't look like you thought it should.

This is sort of off topic of collage but not completely , it is about mind's eye and what is really.

This is my beginning of glued papers and a face, and my ending, and it really isn't what I saw in my head but it is what I got and both are OK. This collage is about SEARCHING.


wanda miller said...

oooh, how fun and pretty em! thank you for showing us the BEFORE and AFTER. this looks so interesting and fun.
i remember using a birdcage for a body of a woman in one of my heavy collages and just loved it as i do these works of yours! xo

Diane said...

This came together so well Emelie. I love that you used images of fabric that you had--great idea. And yes, I know what you mean--what you see in your mind is not what ends up appearing to be..but yet, you can be pleasantly surprised.
Thanks so much for stopping by again at my blog. I just put up a new post describing my show just a bit....and I'm having a giveaway.
So remember to come on over!

Nelda Ream said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun with collage. I love what you are doing and the results you are achieving.

Janine said...

Wow! You are really good at this!