Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Day

The year has vanished nearly, how quickly it has gone, even bad days have gone quickly and I wonder how things I didn't look forward to came and went so fast.

I am missing the garden, many seed catalogs have arrived. I have to remember not to try everything that looks great in the photo. What you may have enjoyed seeing more than another painting or random photo is the mess from the Eggies. You have seen them on TV , as a laugh we got them for Christmas and tried them. They don't go together nicely, you have to use a small egg, they come apart hard, and they don't clean up in the dishwasher, plus as someone reminded me you could eventually pass on from heating that plastic with food inside. They are now in a container all 18 pieces of the set. Maybe never to be used again. more thing...the giver of the gift may have to try them when she visits again.

Painting from class the beginning of the collaged papers, the painting and additions and then the altered state with Print Shop.

Also every so often I like one of my blurry photos, the beads of light were coming from, I don't know just there around 2:30pm. As I mentioned before missing gardening so had to post a photo of my garden and I know you have seen it.


wanda miller said...

YOU ar so special in so many ways...the divine miss EM! love and good health to you always, not just the new year. wanda xo

wanda miller said...

now i better go get breakfast ready for that man of mine that is down at the metal factory gathering supplies for some new frames for me! tee hee hee
gotta LOVE those richard's of ours, eh! xo

Star said...

Love all your photos today, Emelie! Just spent some time catching up, dreaming of your garden flowers and loving all your Xmas decorations, esp the kings!
Hope you'll have a wonderful New years holiday and a very good year to come!
oh....and love the blurb on those Eggies! My hubby is the world's worst at believing all those type ads and ordering stuff for me! Very seldom do any of them work. I must several different slicer containers and such and I still just reach for a knife and do the slicing, dicing stuff my self. I'm so easy to buy for that he makes it hard! LOL!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, hope it's full of Good health, Love and ART!

Connie said...

Happy New Year! I love the way this one turned out. Beautiful.

Judy said...

LOVE, love, love your latest creation! What a beautiful lady!

Your Eggies story makes me smile....

Looking forward to this year's Emelie creations! You add color to my world! Thank you for that!


Gloria said...

Hi Emelie! Happy New Year dear and I just love your garden. Isn't it so much fun to go outside and see our gardens. I love it and your latest lady. Great job. By the way, Vincent was 35 when he painted that particular painting. He actually painted all his portraits a couple of years before he died or at least the majority of them. I'm so into this project right now! Take care and thx for stopping by my blog.