Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Stars, Warrior of the Stars

All I could think of was another song title when this painting/collage starting taking shape, "The Keeper Of The Stars" A song by Tracy Byrd, there is an echo of it in my head right now.
This painting/collage has many papers, layers because it was looking so bad, so you see gobs, and bumps, (some I can fix) it has texture beyond the beyond. However I wouldn't have posted it had I not like it.

I have had stars on my mind, I can't seem to get a Christmas card painted, all these paintings come out looking like warrior women. A knife and a spear would fit in.

I like this star in my kitchen it has a look of ice, it is the cheapest of metal at 98cents, and can look so many ways.


wanda miller said...

i absolutely LOVE her and her STARS, em! she has such a pretty face, and love how you placed the stars! looks fantastic even with bumps and nodes! i am see stars now, tee hee. xo

Theresa said...

Beautiful and inspirational! Love the title..the texture....the bling!

Connie said...

I like her too! Brave woman to keep the stars safe.

Janine said...

The Keeper of Stars is beautiful!