Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inconsistant Moods

How is that for a red flag? Well the painting mood varies. The whole problem is I don't know right now what I want. I can't go by what people choose as favorite or want, that isn't what I always want. Reaching for a deeper skill, always reaching.
The woman in gray, I showed her to Richard, he said she looked tired, nothing wrong with that, tired is a woman's plight. I wanted her more sensuous, for most women there is a difference. (You can laugh) I am.

The pale is not really me either, but Ok fun could have a place on the wall. Sometimes one can feel about their own art I love this I can't stop looking and thinking what was the magic of that day? Sometimes it just falls right, the brush can't miss, the next day that brush seems like junk.

Well that is how it is and always will be not hard to dispose of paper and paint.


Joyfulploys said...

Emelie...I like both of these...I really love the top one...nice choice of colors. Thank you for the sweet comment you left for me!

wanda miller said...

these are BOTH so soft and sweet em! i love love how you did the headdress on the first, and her look is so enchanting! xo

Star said...

Love the top one best, Emelie! She's really different from what you usually do...she's very nice! Very realistic and such a look of 'longing or remembering' on her face!