Thursday, March 15, 2012

Journal Page

Just a smallish painting because I didn't feel like straightening up the studio area.
I had been reading Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and found his words good for text, but didn't use any. He talked about the best holidays and the private anniversaries of the heart, then it suddenly took on the feeling of foolish so didn't snip any. Then I started doodling small faces and just continued with paper stencils and napkin cuttings. Now the mess remains and I have started something else at the art table.

The thing about Text on a painting someone always asks what that means or they say I can't see what the words are, I think that part is fun, there has to be some mystery there I think. Frequently I look at it and think, glad I got over that mood. Life holds a lot to get over. The personal spirit is quite smart in it's ability.


jgr said...

Hi Emelie, this page is wonderful, I love her expression and the hand is cool, too. Also I scrolled down a bit, I love the inconsistent moods piece-Gorgeous!!

Flo said...

Hi Emilie,
That I have a moment I didn't come to your blog! but I always enjoy watching your images and you read. I changed my blog, you can now read me here :