Friday, March 23, 2012

Me, In A Way of Symbolism

Feels like me, reminds me of the 80s and me, thoughts that swirl around the head like that now and always, so it is about a feeling and not an actual. Isn't that what a painting is anyway, an impression of what is? An impression that reminds stirs more of one's being and says more, of course that is why we have a camera for the actual, then I have to change that also. It doesn't mean the actual isn't good enough, it only means that it was painted or altered for the sake of interest and even beauty. We alter ourselves everyday from the first look in the mirror until we leave the house, I have put lipstick on to garden or talk on the phone. Even exercise is altering, we are told to hold stomach in tight, a form of altering, even if it doesn't respond.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.. and you are so correct in all you wrote.
"an impression of what is" is exactly why I paint~
I hope Sharon T. sees this one!
Hugs, Darlene

Star said...

Emelie, I knew that was you with my first glance and the I got a chuckle when it said it was an impression. A good one it is!! I wish I was as brave as you. Don't know what I so darn scared of. Today, I almost made it into the art room, the mess that it is. I looked at something on the internet and it made me think of collaged picture I wanted to paint. Seems like each time I got up and went to head that way, the phone rang, or was time to run to town or Ebony needed to go out. Something. It is my intent to go in there tomorrow and at least gather what I need and IF I don't have it all then see what I can use in it's place! At least that would be a start!
I think I might be spending more time doing some art this summer than usual. I'm finding even with the little warm spell that we had that if there's the least bit of humidity I won't be able to handle it. And I'm giving away a lot of my flowers and bushes and going to compact it all into smaller areas. I seem to be allergic to all manner of things now and no matter how careful I try to be I touch something that I shouldn't so along with the humidity, i guess it's time to let it grow on it's own without much attention. It's really needing a heap of manure and compost and I can't get either this year More time for art and reading!

simply blue said...

What you have to say is as interesting as what you paint...