Saturday, September 10, 2011

A July Painting

I never knew what to say about this painting, it has the feel of comic book space travel to me. Not exactly what I wanted that day. The feeling came from a piece of paper in a magazine of some jewelry, that metal swirl in the corner looks like a flying saucer or space ship to me. It is what it is. Even when I mix it up it still has this odd quality and I like odd just not this odd. that's not quite true either I sort of like it, if I didn't it would of been in the trash by August.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

I do like it. I like the freedom in it and wish I could let go and do that too.

Connie said...

I agree, it looks like a space ship. But it's cool looking. Like she is other worldly. She came down to see the flowers grow and the birds fly.