Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Journal pages

I have done some journal pages lately, quite a few there has been a lot to journal about, I usually write something after I post the major part of the page.

I have been visiting Lynne Hoppe's blog here she has offered a tutorial describing technique and info of how to have that beautiful look that she has in her work. It has been so much fun for me. I have been altering a little Bisquick Cookbook with my attempts. It takes the many layers well. I paid close attention to Lynne's advice on treating the paper with matt medium, it does make the surface strong. thank you Lynne for this fun time. When I look at them I get the feeling they disapprove....of something.


Diane said...

You've learned well from Lynne--I love their feeling.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Emelie! These are the best!

Connie said...

Cool. I think they disapprove of something too. Maybe cooking. LOL.