Sunday, September 25, 2011

Always, Art Therapy

Always when I lose a person or a pet I have to paint, it helps, I have the urge to
think and remember as I work. Once again I read HERE and worked on that technique on a large 16X20 painting of a person and her pets. It just felt good. You will also see the last vestiges of garden and a photo of what is on a table in the sun room.

BTW I thought that (sensible remains) is such an appropriate word in the definition of vestiges.

Lynn Hoppe that is who I refer to, vist her and be delighted.


wanda miller said...

oooh em, i love the softness lately and the blue colors send me! i laughed out loud when i read about reaching our arms up this way. you ALWAYS bring good cheer in every single post and i THANK YOU. xo

lynne h said...

wow! i LOVE this emelie!! oh my, these colors and ... *everything*!! my goodness, this is just truly, truly wonderful, and i am honored to be associated with it in any way... i absolutely love this face...

and i do not know why spring comes in slowly but autumn races by. it surely seems to be that way though.

love to you, and thank you for your thoughtful words at my place...


Connie said...

As usual, very lovely work.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Emelie,
I love this art you made! I always love the colors that you use. I didn't get my kitchen, someone else bought this one just before we did. We have to look further.
How is your stray cat? is it staying with you?