Friday, September 16, 2011

Funny Things Happen

I painted this in the early part of the week, I am a little more partial to it then some paintings I do. Then I visited Sharon Tomlinson's Blog and saw the clothing design in her painting print that is a chance to win now. I have explained this to her.

I saw the design on the cover of this old 1883 book by Mrs. Molresworth, Illistrated by Leslie Brooke, it doesn't seem to me the cover illustration is by this artist.
I was very much inspired by the cover of this old book. The title of the book is "Mary"and other children's stories.

I have been scanning and printing fabric and suing the designs in the paintings, iat seems a littlae easier tog et just what I want for color.

You have to strain your eyes to see the head gear on the woman on this book cover.
So old and faded. The color of the cover altered to get a little better look at the picture. Also one of the photos of my painting has a blurr in the middle, the reason, scanned in two parts. This is the one with the most accurate color.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

I love this one too Emilie, And I can see the similarity of the head thing to those I fashioned for my girls. On my walk yesterday all I could think about of sewing myself just such a head gear attached to a jacket or better yet a shawl.
Love your Ditch Lily girl too. I never heard them called Ditch Lilies but I have some too and love them even though I don't think of myself as an "orange" person. They are so faithful.
Thanks for always visiting and always having something to say. I enjoy.

wanda miller said...

THANK YOU EM for your sweet condolences. i can always tell you understand. but even more, you leave all of us with such treasures when you comment. i even laughed before i was finished reading your retorts.
i just love the look of this lady and all her different renditions. and i especially love how her arm and hand are placed.
i don't like mr. blogger taking over how our pictures are, when enlarged (my blog too) we can't look close to the mixed media this way. i am hoping we can change this ourselves, i am NOT GOOD at that kind of stuff. but i think you are, so here's hoping.
love and happy happy painting emelie, wanda xo

wanda miller said...

hey you emelie...thank you for the lesson about blogger. it didn't work right after you wrote me...and then by magic tonight, it worked correctly! imagine that! xo

lynne h said...

hi emilie, i just want to say thank you for your nice words over at my place... i appreciate them! i see that you are a face drawer/painter too! yes, well, they're very addictive aren't they? ; )

i LOVE the idea of sewing designs from fabric onto your paintings! oh, yes!!


lynne h said...

emelie, i just realized that i misspelled your name above!! sheesh!!