Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missing Our Dog Josie

In June she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, it progressed very slow over the summer, yesterday was a hard day for her. A wonderful dog. It did drive me crazy when she would stand in the middle of the road and she did that frequently in her good health. She was a rescued dog, she had 10 puppies and they were going to good homes the day we got her from shelter care. She was a yr. old then and she is 12 now.

I just had to add a photo of our Cat Hermie, we was watching me post this.

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Diane said...

Oh I'm so sorry Emelie. Our pets are so wonderful--they take whatever is given to them and accept it--no need to feel sorry for themselves like us humans tend to do--they are great teachers for us in this way. I hope Josie keeps on enjoying her life.
P.S. Love your lady from the previous post--stunning.