Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fabric, Quilt,photos

I have been in the mood to sew, I am not jumping for joy with this small quilt but...it does look nice where it hangs over a small cabinet. I cannot get a photo of that, not enough light there, I will try again when there is more light from a brighter day.

Things Put away, things taken out, Notes on the calendar so I remember easily next Dec. that some things got put in a different place. Also winter flowers.


Diane said...

I'm always amazed how quilters can turn fabric and thread into paint and a paintbrush--beautiful work.
I do the same each year--write little notes to myself--I forget things in a week--let alone a whole year. Let's hope 2012 moves slower in a good way :)

Star said...

I also make notes and then lose them! I do try to transfer any notes and needed notes from the old calender to the new!
Em, the quilt looks like a map! Guess you could call it, Mapping into the new year!
I'm slowly starting a wall project. I know if I'd stop being a worry wart over it and just go DO IT and stop 2nd guessing, then it will come together.....if not, well, then I'll be painting the walls....or scraping a lot off! I think I just need that "LaLaLa" mood to hit me and then not be disturbed and I can get it done. Just haven't quite hit that mood yet! But, I have used some molding paste on the wall and I have layed down some printed papers. It needs more and then I'll start washing in some color or white. Rocket did get up a few mornings ago & said, oh-oh, I think there's paper glued on the wall and looks like plaster or Spackle, too! That's not how you cover nail holes! LOL! I told him he hasn't seen anything yet, just wait! He said, this is going to be one of those projects like the outside gates and fence, right? :o)

FLO said...

Hello Emily, you are also in the mood to crochet I see. I wish you a happy new year 2012 :)

wanda miller said...

i am right there with you in all these ways! :) xo

Connie said...

I too am getting out the fabric to make art quilts and similar projects with. I love the way you always seem to incorporate a bird into your projects. I love the little birdies. I feed them everyday even in the summer.