Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Landscape Refresh

I have to do this< I have to get out the watercolors and paper and do wet in wet landscapes because I like them and I use to do so many and now I don't so I have to do 4 now in the next days. Your mind has to think differently than when I do the mixed medium much more difficult to correct, except I use a paper that keeps the paint on the surface so you can lift color off, yo have to think ahead do you keep your lights. I don't use white, maybe sometimes a tiny bit.

Also I have several quilts waiting for stitches, but I had to paint and I had to paint a face and do some collage along with it.

Guess what??? ture to form my words and pictures will not be in the same order.

Another thing, those dogs you see with the people in the landscapes, one was an accident the other a partial accident that I just added a tail.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Your lady and her kitty are wonderful. Not usually a fan of cats in paintings but this one works beautifully. One thing I really like is the creamy color that flows throughout the painting.
And I always love your dreamy watercolors. Did you know that one of my students in the collage class used mostly watercolors? She is in the "special" classroom. See if you can pick it out and tell me.

Diane said...

I could look at your paintings all day--the lady with her cat--so Klimt-like.

Judy said...

Oh Emelie.... you make me smile!

Love your landscapes.... I can hear the crunch of the snow under my feet.

Love your lady and cat also!!

Star said...

Em, I love the top most cropped picture of the Lady & cat the best! But always, I LOVE your watercolour paintings the best of all!! I think matted & framed you would have no problem selling those!! Like your photos, too. Isn't it great when the sun shines and water sparkles at this time of the year? I'm ready for Spring!! Oh, did you teach yourself the watercolours or did you have lessons? I have some here, I have yet to try them!