Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creating My Own Fabric

That isn't 100% true, as I didn't weave the fabric and I know I won't be doing that part . I did use my own photos, paintings, the bubble wrap design is from my computer program Print Shop. you can see It show thru, these sheets are for quilts,
I am working on a trial quilt right now, the printing of the fabric sheet was poor.
So 12X1`2 or so isn't much space or time to do a trial, the trial is about merging the fabric a little more with inktense pencils and permanent markers. It is about getting rid of hard lines, getting rid of areas that seem to glare at me.

The photo is of an old plate propped in the window, also you will see a pic of the wrapper of the fabric sheets I use in the printer, they are the same size as printer papers.

So if blogger will let me the the wrapper, the photos, the paintings, the finished fabrics I want to use, designed and altered on the computer. If you do this take your paper out of the printer and do one fabric sheet at a time, this is an ink jet printer, and I do a setting for more saturation than I would for paper.

One More painting the painting with the printing on fabric, and the photo of the fabric sheet package photo.


FLO said...

Hello Emilie,
I love the third photo collage, the choice of colors and patterns. Me too, I often use pieces of elements scans.

Diane said...


wanda miller said...

ALL LOVELY. happy new year EM! XO

Gloria said...

They all look great Emelie. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day and all day tomorrow. Nice. job.

Anonymous said...

cool effects... a really great idea!