Friday, January 13, 2012

Being Sort of Slow

If there is a month when slowness it OK it seems to me January is the month, Feb. works for this slowness also. Quilting takes time, seems it takes more staring than painting and painting is so much faster> I really don't need fast,yet, if I want to have a blog that has frequent posts one has to do something to post about. Altering paintings and photos is fast. Maybe I still have some Christmas, this thrift store figurine has done well for my photos, she is in the corner on top of the pie cupboard, even dusty sometimes and has been out year around so I take her photo then alter it as many ways as I can think of, I have not put her in the garden yet I will..

The painting that is horizontal with the layered doily I don't have any more it got painted over. I print some of these and put them in a journal for days when I have very few words about the day.

I don't sau it enough Thank You for coming by, enjoy your visits.


Diane said...

You're more than welcome Emelie and thank you for sharing you with us all..

Judy said...

Emelie, I always enjoy stopping in to see what you've created. I like your second photo.. her hair, and lacy head covering. Very nice.

wanda miller said...

i think you say thank you enough! i can't say thank you enough for dropping by and visiting me...i ALWAYS ALWAYS love what you have to say any where you are writing your thoughts, i LOVE your thoughts em! xo