Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quilt, ?? Foamies, Watercolors

The most fun I had today was making these birds, I ad these sheets of foam, called Foamies, less than 1/8Th of an inch thick, I drew birds on them with a pen pushing hard to make a good imprint. You can see the imprint part is not really consistent.
I painted the foam with different colors and then pressed it to a printed fabric.
I made sure the firm was wet, not dripping, quickly trying to wipe away paint out of the lines. I made sure my fabric was on a hard surface not soft.
The foamies are at wallmart, in the children's art supplies. Foamies are the size of a sheet of typing paper and different colors, the different colors means nothing to this project.

The Quilt isn't done is is just things laid out and that looking adding, taking away part of quilting. I am not fond of the face, but I think I will continue anyway.
It is very hard to change something on fabric. We will see how I work around the problems. I am not crazy about the other face either, it doesn't matter that was just an experiment with watercolors and pencil and got overworked

Still doing some landscapes, this is how the landscape looks here now, even some March skies like the scene that looks like rain falling in a distance.


Joyfulploys said...

Hi Emelie...thanks for coming by and telling about your foam project and the quilt you are working on...what a great idea...that gives me idea for another quilt. Your faces and landscapes are wonderful!

FLO said...

Hi Emilie,I love your new header and your birds are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Emelie,.. everything you touch seem magical to me!
Love the new header too, but I see the first inch clear and the rest is foggy. Is it my browser?
Have a great day!
♥ Darlene