Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sewing, Quilting, Altering

I did another quilt, 24X24in. This did not photograph well, I like it it looks nice
with pillows and some other things on a sofa. a couple days off and on of machine quilting. I just wanted to touch fabric, quilt, put colors together, and actually this was a runner I cut in half and decided to work on an art quilt, more of a crazy quilt, but they were certainly art quilts. The studio is a horrible mess with both sewing and painting going on.

You will see a thrift store plate, so pretty. That is in a card form and altered in Print Shop.

A friend gave me this scarf, so pretty and delicate. I also took a photo of one of the last decorations before they all came down. Things are back in place now.

A couple more if blogger will allow


FLO said...

Hello Emilie,
I also love sewing. It's been a long time since I have not practiced but it doesn't get lost!

Judy said...

Hi Emelie!
Love the feeling I get when I look at this quilt. The colors and depth of the layers are intriging.

Diane said...

I can't get over how GOOD you are Emelie--your quilt works are so special.
And talk about mess--it's mind boggling how fast an art room can become such a mess so fast--I guess we just get lost in the moment.

Gloria said...

Love your quilt Emelie. Your work is always awesome. Very nice job. Have a great week.