Monday, September 20, 2010

Challenge, Words, Color, Situation

I sort of blank out when offered a challenge, but a painting, some words, and my mood happened to be just right. If you to to All Nora's Art you will see the challenge that I couldn't resist, there is also a poem there Peter Dickenson that I have read several times and liked many of the words. So I thought of a bride and red and wanted a red veil which is not tradidional at all but that suggestion anyway because it just stuck in my head last night and this morning.

Also another blogger I admire took the challenge Manon Popjes and created a lovely painting, and you would enjoy her blog as I do.

What fun the morning has been.


Sharon said...

Every inch is wonderful. Isn't if fun to "paint words" Thanks for the shout out too and for joining my challenge. I fully intended to paint a white dress over the red petticoat on mine but then when I got to that place, it didn't happen.

Diane said...

They all turned out so magical--it's like the 3 of you got together and painted them in the same room.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Such a lovely lady, Emelie! Her veil is wonderful, and I love all the texture in this piece. And the words fit her "attitude" perfectly. Many times, I too wonder 'what could have been" ... if I had started on my artful journey sooner, ;). Again, I've thoroughly enjoyed visiting your "porch" this morning, and feeling right at home here. Wishing you a beautiful day, and week ahead, xoxo.

Rebecca Anthony said...

Absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word!!