Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leaves, We Have Leaves

Of course all these leaves are falling to the ground, Os that why someof the time we call it FALL? Apples fall, evening falls earlier, everything comes down.

I wanted Oak leaves around her head, the stamp was too shallow, so I cut leaves from a paper, and I had a Lot of paper designs there but they are lost except you can see the seams in areas of the painting. She is painted quickly and is not really edited for perfection and who gets perfections is so fortunate. I had nice wrapping paper that I just came across by accident and some stars. I should be proud of the stars, but to really take pride in a star someone else has to give it to you. I didn't get a lot of them in grade school as I always had to talk at the wrong time. I was also a note writer and you know what happens then, it gets shared with the rest of the class.

Some of the lastest garden photos, I have these fall perennial asters that want to be taller than I am. they have a great color tho, they do act like they can come up wherever they please and look quite silly in the front of the garden, I take heart if you walk to the other side of the garden they are in back where they should be.
Also a little cropping of a house painting I have done a time ago.

thank you, I am always thrilled to see you were here.


wanda miller said...

oh how beautiful and boutiful your garden, sweet emelie! i think it is representing how you are, so ever growing and searching and leaving such wonderful messages all over the world for all of us. and on top of it you are ever so funny. i had forgotten about passing and writing notes in school, and then getting in trouble, i LOVE it!
here is a note for you...your colors are so scrumptious in your new painting and i like how it seems she's looking down at the fallen leaves with an extremely unique expression which looks like it could go either way/positive or negative...the choice is for the viewer.
you are one special person, miss emelie! xo

Diane said...

Your posts always make me smile--I LOVED writing notes to all of my friends--I had a whole collection of them that I saved for years!! (and it was tricky too--because I went to a catholic school--those nuns didn't let you get away with anything :)
And it's always such a colorful treat to come here with your art and your garden--thank you.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Another lovely post to enjoy and get my morning started on a good note. I am always uplifted after a visit with you, Emelie. You artwork and garden ... and words just make me smile with happiness. Yes, I too can recall those notes being shared with the class ~~ fun memories today, but, oh, so embarrassing back in the day, ;). Wishing you a week of total bliss filled with everything you enjoy most, sweet lady! xoxo