Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Never Know

Of course we never know and that is the beauty of some things, When I start to paint I never really know what I might have in the end. I am in a rather orage mood now as autumn approaches. Except I like tan or pinkish and even white pumpkins best as I bring some in the house, they are not done with their warts yet so will wait with posting.

My art lately has taken a dip, a rather careless approach, it gets muddy, and I have not been able to focus. I have probably been poisened by mosquitos, they are so horrible right now they come in swarms so you can hardly breath and I do like to be in the garden. Actually I think I have been a bit lazy, and distracted.

I was making the art room more organized and neater yesterday and could not resist starting a face, I had some background papers done with some collage on them that had been in the basket for a while, some were even cut off portions from other paintings. The part of this painting I don't like is it seems sinister to me and the innocent girl seems wrong. I am not certain the digital altering helps much.
However it will be kept in an art journal of lesser works. The reason I say, "You Never Know" as there are times when a person asks for a print or the original of things I don't especially like. Another point is I didn't do this to show, I did it to satisfy an urge to paint, however satisfaction doesn't come with disatisfaction.
There will be another day to paint. I over explain and ramble.


Sharon said...

Emelie, I don't always know what is digital and what is not. But if the painting is the one at the bottom, that is the one that I really really like. I like many things about it including the colors.

I also like that you over explain and ramble.

wanda miller said...

..and i too happen to adore that you (think) you over explain and ramble. we love that about you. your honesty and frankness are a treasure to me!
and i don't always know what's been digitally altered or not (that's an ultimate compliment, me thinks).
these are ALL WONDERFUL. and my fav if i had to would be the very first one, i dig the graphic type background and edges with your sweet lady! xo

Nancy said...

Oh Emelie, please don't stop rambling...I love your words of wisdom and your open and honest attitude....So refreshing to hear someone be transparent....

Thanks for your comments today; they made me feel better. Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding....

I love you blended these very well....isn't digi collage fun?

Hugs my friend

Jeanne Nelson said...

Oh, if there was a way to halt those mosquitos from swarming, I too, would be thrilled ... but please don't stop your "ramblings" ~~ I love visiting you, and reading your posts that come from your open heart. I, and many others I feel certain, can relate to your words of wisdom, and you remind us that we are all in the same boat, and all is 'normal' in this boat. I need that, Emelie, and thank you for sharing yourself so openly.

As for your painting, I love that you allow yourself freedom to create form the heart, rather than predetermined ideas. Both the original, and the digitized versions are beautiful. The pinks, oranges and gray/black palette is wonderful eye candy to me.

Hoping you have some mosquito repellant so you can enjoy your garden, and more time to express yourself through your beautiful paintings soon. Thank you, again, for sharing with me today. Big Hugs ~~ Jeanne

Diane said...

I agree with Sharon--the bottom one is my favorite--she has that gypsy feel to her,and with the bird--it's perfect!!