Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wherever You Are

Goodness, I can't think of what to say, I was thinking of the text in the painting, and about making the best of things wherever I am. I always play games about things to do that are unpleasant, like the dentist, I think appointment is less time then a movie. Or, a longer thing I think tomorrow I will have this over. Sometimes you have a list of calls to make that are not social, business calls and maybe dreading what sort of service you will get. I start with an easy one and sometimes that ends up being the hard one, but in an hour they are done, at least for that day.

I like this painting, I don't always like them and I don't tell you, they get clipped into a book with a fancy clip and in days to come sometimes a lot of days I see it and think, I sort of like that. It feels good to like it NOW.


wanda miller said...

me too, i like her very much and i loved the colors on her face immediately!!! the bits of oranges are scrumptious, em.
that's such a great idea to play games when you hate the tasks at hand...going to try it, and at least i'll giggle thinking of you at the moment, clever girl!
and you asked if i was still thinking of changing that last painting...nope, i still don't care for her, but i'm movin' on, heh heh...the only way for me right now..well wait...maybe some day i'll change her, but i'm not worrying over her ANYMORE...bye bye red dress lady! tee hee xoxo

Diane said...

She's one of my favorites--the colors come off of the page, and I absolutely love her version of hair--well done!
P.S. And yes, I was nodding my head about doing things that you hate but have to do, but feel so much better after you've accomplished them!

Jeanne Nelson said...

This one grabbed me immediately! I love the colors you've used, the words, the butterfly ... and her hair! She's gorgeous, Emelie! And, oh yes, don't we all suffer through those things we don't want to do. I, too, play games with myself on these tasks to get them accomplished ... and it helps me get through them. Then, once they are behind us, we can breath a sigh of huge relief!

Gloria said...

I like this. The colors are awesome and she is just so gorgeous. The butterfly is beauty in itself, aren't they always. I love it and I really like your blog too. I'm adding you to my reading list. Have a great Friday.