Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leaning New Stuff About Your Stuff.

I learned that my camera has a little flower button that I have ignored, I must of thought it decorative and not a tool. It helps with close up small things. So you know this camera didn't come with great instructions, and it would help if I understood the terms. Every electronic thing or new type thing has a different vocabulary, and I don't always get it. Life is so funny, just when you think your smart you find out your not.

So I picked great flowers from the garden today and took photos of them and then did some altering and added my dear Hermie.


Nelda Ream said...

I enjoyed seeing your stuff. Your Fall gardens are beautiful and your art is also. The digital artwork you did with your stuff is really nice.

Sharon said...

Isn't is wonderful to learn new stuff about your stuff. I have a new video camera and can't sit long enough with any amount of concentration to decipher the language that is written in English. I can paint words like the bride in the red petticoat but I can't read those stupid little icons. The bride was needing just such a bouquet a few minutes ago.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Emelie, you made me laugh while reading about the "little flower button," as I can relate to your frustration with learning new gadgets. Usually I have to become defeated with attempting to learn the gadgets independently ... and only then will I break out the instructions. So glad you learned how to use the flower ~~ the new pictures of your latest pieces are wonderful. I love all the watch parts in your pieces! Your kitty is precious, and your altered photo is a real keeper! Wishing you a great week ahead, with plenty of time to enjoy your beautiful garden ... and play with your art toys too! Big hugs ~~ Jeanne