Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I don't know

Well some of what I don't know, and one of the things is I don't really know how to use my camera, I don't understand all the icons, and the vocabulary, so I focus and press most of the time. The book is not complete, it thinks I know and I don't.
Bit by bit I find something I like, and then to remember the steps to get to this thing I didn't know and now do but can't remember. However I love feeding these photos into the computer and doing things with them and even then I don't know everything these is to know about the altering either. I want less lines to show
and blurring of the edges. I don't think my program has enough sophistication, yet another would cause me more paths in the maze of gadgets.

So this is what I did today, took close up inside photos of stuff around the house,
little arrangements, used some photos from a thrift store, and some saved things from paintings.


Gloria said...

Hi Emelie. Wow! For pointing and shooting, you do a darn good job of taking pictures. I think these are just great. I have a hard time taking photos and I don't understand all the gadgets so I point and shoot too. Have a great Friday and weekend. Good work.

wanda miller said...

ooh i love how your flowers looks as though you are intentionally drying them. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! and boy do i ever know what you mean by not understanding the entire camera...i'm right there with ya'! xo

Diane said...

I wish I could get interested in photography so I could take some decent pictures! I agree with Gloria--these look fine to me. I love the second photo down with the faint image of the lady--almost ghost like--oooh I love that!!

Judy said...

I know that you know more than you think you know!!
I'm enjoying this latest compilation of "what you don't know"!!
I'd be happy knowing less than you think you know, if my knowing less looked as wonderful as yours!!

Laura said...

Very nice photos Emelie. I know what you mean about the cameras. Seems like they have lots of buttons and not lots of instructions for how to use the buttons. And who can remember how to use them all?! But I just keep at it, and hope for the best!

If you are using photoshop to put your images together, you can just use a brush to lightly erase the edges of the picture so it won't have such harsh lines.

Thanks for saying such sweet things about my still life. I think not so many people are stopping by now that I'm painting full time and not doing mixed media anymore.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Your photography and digital skills produce some real beauties, in my humble opinion. I admire your efforts to learn more about these skills and use them. And you have such a lovely "palette" to work with in and around your home. I vow to learn how to utilize the Corel Draw and Photo Paint software I purchased ... one day, however I believe Photoshop would be a better option for me. But I'll eventually make the best of what I have ... in time. Do you use Photoshop, perhaps?

Wishing you a beautiful weekend in your beautiful piece of heaven on earth. xoxo

Jacqueline said...

Hi Emelie,
I really love your photographs! I know what you mean, point and shoot, that's all what I do to. I sometimes think I have to take time and learn more about the camera but I did not do that yet. I admire your digital skills, the photo's are really so good, love the colors!