Saturday, September 18, 2010

Figureing it Out,

That is what I have been doing, figureing out how to make a pendant, without many tools. Remember I talked about JB weld, a product that works well on metal to hold things together, then you can guild it to have a metal appearnace. Dug around and found odd bits of metal jewelry, but tough since I have very little being allergic to most excet sterling silver and brass. I also took apart a Christmas angel that had copper like appearnace was not copper tho. Dug through the garage in all the coffee cans of parts, I also cut apart a twisted metal easel that was small and found parts to form a bezel. I cut the metal with an old scissor, used the vise in the garage to bend edges, and used Diamond glaze to cover the back so maybe I could wear the pendant.

If you really want to do this in a professional way go to Nora's
Nora and Deryn have a class that will keep you from fumbles, and lovely creative sheets to use with magnificent art. I couldn't take the class.

I used my paintings for faces and one of an house in my pendants. I worked on getting my stuff together for my attempt which I rather like. For several weeks I made a lists of the order to do things, I still have to get that perfected. I am going to make a few for friend gifts
and maybe and not to be to tacky a refridge magnet as I use them for notes and lists.

The photos are rather blurry, very hard to photograph and I worked with this 3 different times.


Jeanne Nelson said...

I absolutely LOVE these pendants/magnets, Emelie! They are so unique and intricate with details. Totally amazing. I would be very proud to wear one, and hope you'll find you aren't allergic to the metals!

Diane said...

Emelie--just wonderful--this is most definitely my favorite kind of jewelry, and these are excellent gifts for sure!--I, too couldn't take the class. I wonder if Sharon will be offering it again in January?

Rebecca Anthony said...

These are fantastic Emelie!! You are so clever!

wanda miller said...

you are ingenious...these are spectacular...and girl after my own heart...loving to try such new endeavors!!! i'm so glad we shared the sunrise, far and away from one another, yet not so much eh? i love how you said awhile back that visiting my blog was like coming home..i feel the same about you, emelie! xo