Saturday, January 22, 2011

Journal Covers

This is the journal of 35 pages, it measures 6X9 inches. It was a cookbook, I was not tempted to save a single recipe. The cover has a circular cut out and it came that way, I put a pocket behind the circle so I can have a different face in the
circle. The cover was done with layers of acrylic paint, napkins, papers, pens, and small prints of my art. The back cover does not have the circular cut out. The pages I have shown off and on here. Some are more collage than a painting, some are a mix, and some are just a painted face. I still have 3 pages to do, I will do them, I do have that little fear I may not finish, this is all because I know myself.
I sort of skip around with projects and I do feel the urge to sew.

You would think I have all the time in the world, I am able to do more each week so those things now get into the day also and I am slower moving it seems or tasks take longer. I can drive and I am sure a could of two weeks ago, but the weather has left the ground surfaces where one has to walk so packed with snow and ice. Then of course the problem of getting purchases to the car so you have to choose a drive up sort of grocery. I have to use a cane.

Still I think two months with a major broken bone healing and coming this far is not so bad, two months today . Have to keep positive and keep working to strengthen.


Anonymous said...

These journal art are gorgeous!

wanda miller said...

what a great idea, em! the pages are wonderful so far. i am so glad to hear you are still improving. keep those positive thoughts going...i just know it's why you are healing as fast as you are...well, that and how many of us that are praying and keeping those thoughts FOR you! xo

Rebecca Anthony said...

You're a genius! This is such a wonderful idea!

Zorana said...

I love how you chose to deal with that circular opening. Such a good idea! Lovely covers, really. I'm happy to hear that you are getting so much stronger... I didn't know that you can walk now with a cane. It will only get better! Sending positive energy. xo