Thursday, January 6, 2011

You Can Have It All!

She does, if you take inventory of all the things you see. Both a bird and a butterfly is exceptional. Really the collage is about wanting everything right now.

I had various snips on my work table all in the same color range plus those white frames, and other snips from magazine. I have a magazine that I save called "Home Companion" and it always has fun things to cut out for collage. This collage is done on cardboard, so I will have to do a print for the Journal. It has to go in the journal because it is about me really, it is about too much stuff and patience.
Actually I have quite good patience, patience comes in two ways, it comes from our inner and outer being, by that I mean what people see and how we are really thinking, yesterday I wanted to walk well right now. Actually I walk better than you might think, and I can use the cane to some extent now, so maybe patience is not the right word, it could be confidence, so when I do some art journaling today I will use confidence as the word of the day in the work.


Gloria said...

Very glad you are doing better Emelie. I just love your pages and I'm starting to enjoy the art of journaling as well. I just received a lot of goodies in the mail that are specifically for journaling so I will attmept to do it slowly. Beautiful as always, have a great day!

Diane said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, beautiful as always--I love the cardboard, and your confidence is coming through!

Rebecca Anthony said...

This is fabulous!!