Sunday, January 2, 2011

She Dotes On Her Cat

First of all I couldn't find the word "Dotes" in the dictionary, so maybe it is suppose to be used differently in a sentence.

These are journal pages, I was inspired by Zorana she has a wonderful New Year's post with a year end review of her 2010 work. I like her Sept. entry so much with the woman and the cat, I believe this is a lion, and if you read the post you will know it is more than superficial.

Mine is rather superficial, except I have a tabby, and he has been so attentive to me and wants to be by me a lot since I broke my leg, he also sits by my leg when I rest. He is a rescued cat, and a bit chubby but loyal to a fault. In a couple days I will post his photo again, I would now but I can't remember what folder it is in.
I rather like these pages, they are again 3X7, it is an old cook book I am altering.


Zorana said...

Nothing superficial about your pages. As I am writing this my cat is purring in my lap. He also comes and lays by the place that hurts me, like your tabby. I love your painting! You might have inspired me back... I'd like to paint a lady holding a at so close by her heart like you did.

wanda miller said...

oh emelie, these are soo do such a good job on other critters as well as these...just love the way you portray them! ALL of them are wonderful in their own way!
i love hearing that about your cat staying with you more...just amazing how sensitive animals can be to humans! xo

Diane said...

Wonderful--I love seeing your journaling pages!