Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Obvious, (at least obvious now)

Notice I didn't say LOVE about this month, and this year I am not just liking it but thankful for a month that isn't about having to...having to garden, having to shop,
having to drive places, this sort of thing. Each day can be ordinary and so ordinary it hovers around on boredom. Not to me I am rarely bored, tired or disinterested, but the variety of things to do is so great, even with these limits I have right now each day is pretty interesting. I can shop, I did go shopping on Sunday and managed quite well, not with the cane yet I had a walker with a seat and a basket and we also had a cart. The worst is I can't drive yet, by the time I use a cane I will be able to drive. It is getting closer.

So I journal, these little narrow pages that I can't scan right to the edge because of the wire binding. BTW that wire binding has to be cleaned all the time, I get paint on the wires and the pages won't turn in a nice way. The pages are mostly about spirit, keeping up the positive, doing some art, communication, being able to ask for help, these sort of things. There are times I have written things and read them later, much later, years, and wondered where was my head at this particular time? I wonder if I will do that with these journals, maybe not, it is pretty obvious what has brought me to these thoughts, however what is obvious today is not always so in a couple of years.

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wanda miller said...

These are very COOL and special emelie. you are doing such a great job at staying positive, i admire you even more now! you are making headway, baby, in ALL ways!!! xo