Sunday, January 16, 2011

Journal, Creations

That is what these are just pages created for the pure plasure of putting things together that I like, it does as much for my spirit as writing, especially since I don't really know what to write, and if I did write later in a small space it would be rather a private thing, I proably won't, creating is a joyful thing to me the benefit is worth every minute, even the parts that are cut from magazines, these really are mixed media of collage papers and painting, along with pens, pencil, colored pencil, stamping with paint, gesso, and glazes with the layers.

This journal has 31 pages the pages maeasure 6 X 8 1/2 I have 3 pages left, I started in August. I did another journal also those little narrow pages I show sometimes. These pages I did yesterday and bits the day before and some today.I also did the front cover, I had to, something seemed to be insisting the front cover needed doing.

I drove today, first time in 64 days, we did a shopping trip so it meant walking in a large store, it was good to have help loading the purchases, and getting them in the house, it is all a task when one hand holds a cane. Better than the walker, better than a lot of things, no complaints, thankful. thankful for help, appreciate every effort on the part of husband and daughter that is close enough for travel to help. The leg still needs more strength, exercise, therapy, they are all helping.

thank you for listening, reading, commenting.


Gloria said...

I love your journal page Emelie! Totally full of life. I'm so glad you are out and about and healing properly. You must have gone through a lot, ayeeeeeee the pain. Thank God you are better. Have a great week.

Rebecca Anthony said...

I;m glad to hear you are out and about! This piece is stunning, you reeled me in again, I love it!