Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Can Make You Happy

Funny the things, like running the vac, how can that make me happy? It isn't about operating the machine or picking up dirt, it is about having control of when the task gets done. Of course picking up dirt and seeing it is gone has always been a rather nice experience for me.

I can walk with my cane now in the house, from room to room, I can cook, and manage a few more everyday things than I could a week ago. Remember you use the cane in the hand of your uninjured side, it allows you to take weight off the injured side. BTW if you watch the TV show, House, he does it wrong. The therapists were talking about how movies and TV always have the cane wrong.

I did a page in my larger journal, it has to do with breaking a habit, tossing it out . And I did some digital art with the painting in the previous post, I did that so I could have that for the journal also.


Laura said...

Glad to hear you are getting along, Emelie. Soon you'll be cane-less before you know it, just free wheeling we used to call it! We always fuss at the tv and movies for getting the cane thing wrong. How long would it take for them to check that one little fact?

Your pages are looking nice. It's good you have that art outlet to get you through these days of both leg bluckiness and winter yuckiness!

wanda miller said...

i know why she's holding a star...because she is getting her life back, the way it was before the accident...both of these are loverly, em!
i am so glad you can get around a bit more. and noticed, you have never lost your sense of humor :)).
xoxo wanda

Gloria said...

So glad you are doing so much better Emelie. I just love your journaling, it is awesome. Have a great Sunday.