Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo Altering,

Having this clutterly nature, makes it seem natural to not leave photos in their first state. We use to say develop about photos, now we load them. I take a lot of photos around the house of just stuff, even stuff I have to hunt for, because I have learned from looking at other photos anything can loom good. My husband thinks photos lie and they can, but for me and what I do the lie is OK.


wanda miller said...

you are so creative em! the previous post is FAB! full of good ideas and LOVE your birds as well or more! i agree, photos for we, are there to be altered when we's such a great activity. i have not visited hardly anyones blogs and was feeling like i'm losing out, not hearing from buddies, and then THERE YOU WERE...and always with such great ideas on my blog. misty's class is so intensive, it's unbelievable and i'm not retired yet, so i must scurry off to work,,,,waaaaa waaaa, i'd rather paint, but glad i have a job right now, so no complaining! xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Emelie,
Love the work you are doing..!
YOu are ONE special lady I can see that.
I have a question for you.
YOu may email me the answer if you wish.
I see you are a silver sneakers member.. lol.. what is it?.. I imagine walking program. Do you have to fit into any age or hair color criteria?
Please let me know.. xox Darlene