Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb. Near Half Done

One of those quick paintings just had to paint in the middle of a huge mess in the art room, (I can never Say studio)

Plus some photos, have to get heart things in this week.

I really have no idea how Elsi got this heart on her face in the photo, I am outside
the screen you can see thru the house into more windows and everything reflects plus it looks like some expensive furniture I don't have. I have been using this window for photos all winter as it creates such good illusions.

A heart quilt made from a jumpsuit that was tie dyed ,not mine, a very inconvenient piece of clothing to wear.

I don't have a thought provoking idea, I have mind clutter, it stops intelligent thinking that might be interesting or profound.


wanda miller said...

so PRETTY PRETTIES! and did you make this heart's so well...i have to say PRETTY again because it is, love all the hearts AND the colors! xo

Diane said...

Love your art (as always) and love your posts too--hope you have a great Valentine's day!

Judy said...

<3 Love your heart art, Emelie!!

Jacqueline said...

Love this painting Emelie! I love the color green, it reminds me of spring, that is coming soon!

Judy ~ Rustic Graces said...

Mind Clutter....I love it, have my share too! Beautiful work, hearts...makes one smile!