Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There Was A Crooked Little House

This painting didn't start out that way it just happened that orange things worked, I worked on this a couple weeks off and on. I did some transfers and how I can manage crooked is a great gift to have.:>) Sometimes straight things look crooked to me. Martha Stewart Mags have offered great collage things found some old ones.
Never find old glamour magazines.

I have phases of trouble, eyes often, now lips, sometimes chins, just have work through them, bless the product gesso. Walmart has large jars of it.

I am so amused, the jockey on the radio just said, that the gift that keeps on giving is a pregnant cat. This was not a classical station.

Hope I can upload blogger is giving me a bit of trouble this morning. I always fear it is me not them. Please dismiss that finch, good grief.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh My Emelie!!!! Your three ladies are outstandingly wonderful. It is just what I have been wanting to paint. Yes I said that. I have been want to paint multiple ladies. I know I have said this before but you have such a way with collage. It makes me happy.

wanda miller said...

i so LOVE these ladies, em! and i really dig that little man you stashed in there amongst them. so INVENTIVE! xo

Judy said...

Emelie... you crack me up!! I love your thought process, as well as your art!

Diane said...

Oh Emelie, you've outdone yourself--this is GORGEOUS!! Love how you collage.
P.S. Blogger is a female--that's why we have these problems with her. And I have problems too with making straight things crooked!

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

I love how you combine the different elements in your artwork.