Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yes, quite for some reason you may know and recognize how it feels. I didn't even finish a post yesterday did some writing and then..gone.

Thinking of valentines last evening then spent way too long one one small one, sort of fun after it started to come together. I sewed parts of a necktie on it and some odd yarn. It is on embossed paper.

Also a bird stamp, I like to make large envelopes out of scrap booking papers, I like to use the little spread apart brads to hold the folds and give them with little pictures, papers, bracelet, whatever so that is what this part is stamped on. I cut the bird design into foam, painted on it and pressed it to the good paper.


Judy said...

Emelie! Love your latest works... (Kitty also!!)

Diane said...

Very very cool!!

wanda miller said...

VERY COOL i say as well! love the way you put the heart around, and dangling, just love! xo