Friday, February 17, 2012

Robin Return

This may be some sort of a trick, but I did see at least 20 Robins on Wednesday, a very warm day, and I don't really know how a trick would come about anyway. I haven't see any since. However seeing them was an inspiration, a strong inspiration at first then it sort of faded into the fog. If you are an artist and most likely you are if your reading this.... when doing a painting starts to feel the same as scrubbing the floor you know inspiration has weakened. Still except for the spatters on her face this is Ok. Just OK.

Thinking of the spatters, I remember at an art fair a time ago I had this painting
framed and ready on the rack for sale. There was a tiny spot in some pale background
very tiny, The buyer asked me to take it apart and remove that tiny spot, and I did.

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wanda miller said...

this is so SAWEET em! there is more showing here than on fb. i love her hair net, very groovy and antiqu-ey! xo