Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why One needs a Journal, a Ramble

To write the stuff that you need to say, I never really trust a journal someone sometime will read it. I do have one with some angry days and some art work. no one can read the writing, maybe some words stand out, kids would say, mom ever talked like that, well mom thought like that and I do say things also. I haven't journaled for a while, I make copies of photos and put them in a journal with additions
but not nitty gritty words. You know what else? Writing it makes it true. I think you have read me writing about Magic Slates where you life the top sheet and all is gone. Etch a Sketch is such a labor.

So some photos today, I tried birds, couldn't get them not right light, not right colors on the ground. The Red polls so many, so pretty, siskins, and finches. it is like they fall out of the trees to land on the ground. So,I have a book from 1917, Birds of America the art plates by Louis Agassiz Fuertes. The other birds are some metal birds I have and a painting.

Still working on the panting of the 3 faces, do they say anything about feelings,
you would really have to read the writing on the wall.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Have to say I am the same way with actually writing stuff in a journal. Can't do it because I would never want it to be read later and have found that I don't even like to read it later. It's a downer.
Also what you said about mind clutter stops intelligent thinking. I like that too.

Diane said...

Would Love to peek at a completed journal of yours...in person.

P.S. I had to laugh at your comment wondering if I talk to myself. Why do you think I have Lenny (my turtle) in my art room with me??--I use him as an excuse--I'm CONSTANTLY talking out loud, but not to myself, but to Lenny--he's a great listener!

Star said...

Emelie, i don't really do journals; I have some journal pages but when put together it'll be given away. I can't write true feelings down even tho' I have been told to do so. I'm too afraid they'll be found and just cause hurt or trouble. I started one once, from the very beginnings of my life....I ended up ripping it up and throwing it away. I'd rather do the found words...they are either just words i like, poems or sayings or as in one book a story of a frightful confusing part of my life. I don't care who see it as it may help someone who needs it or felt the same. Still haven't done any meaningfull lately, other than starting to collage on my entrance way walls! Hit a bit of a snag in being able to to get to the top of the wall. I dislike heights and wobbly stools and it's hard to get the medium on the paper, get on the stool and smooth the paper on before it dries too much. I checked out all of our step ladders but they seem to be all 100 years old and I'm not getting on them! I have a horrid fear of heights! :o) I'll get it figured out soon, tho.
I also ran across a friend who does art (fusing glass, photography and other things) and we've been brain storming over finding a place to "art" together and maybe have a shop / workshop / teaching area, as she teaches some classes. We founf a little stone church full of stained glass windows and immediately checked on it!! We were so excited but as it turns out the photos were old and it now needs more work than is possible for us. It sure was fun dreaming for a few days, tho. Even what looked to be a very cute house went along with it...it too has gone down hill nearly beyond fixing. oh well....we'll keep looking.
And talking, I think I do more than I used to! luckily Ebony the dog is always near me so i can say I was talking to her! When I'm in the flowers I just say I'm talking to the flowers, birds and bees!