Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When a quilt is not a quilt, and a painting not yet done +++

and the plus,,,I made this silt this morning of things in a large file I wanted to post, none of my notes ring a bell and it is the title of the item in the file.
I hope I have the sparkling water, it was funny all that light danced in the camera lens I have no idea, rainbow lines.

This time of year is a good time for valentines we need that color, red I have red in some of the photos here I think??? also orange.

The orange is a painting that I have only 1/3 showing here, really collage and painting. Not going really well, somehow I have forgotten how to make a different shape lip, I have a sheet of lips here and only half good.

A little hard to concentrate, baking cookies for Richard to take to a potluck. If I leave the kitchen all in the oven is forgotten.

If all photos are out of order with the words, detectives will know I did the post.

I forgot some of you have seen the valentine made from the cat food bag.

So glad you come to see me.

One more


wanda miller said...

i'll start last...i do remember when you bought the cat bag for it's intrigue but did not remember how gorgeous your piece turned out. and the snow picture, em, glistening caught by your camera's eye! everything here is wondrous. thank you for the cookie, i'm passing the tea :). xo

Judy said...

Emelie, Nice photos! The glistening water is perfect! Nice ladies also!!

FLO said...

I love your new blog background white
Reds oranges are lovely and the girl with the cat is very sweet Emilie.