Sunday, October 3, 2010

What With All The Yellow/Green?

I don't really know, except I was working with some back lighting in a digital way, and the other thing was I had a backgroud paper done that had quite a lot of yellow.
And isn't surprising, that if asked if I use that color much I would say no. Things just happen sometimes, like Isaid in the previous post and other times about painting I am not sure what I will come up with when I start. The other thing is I have been working on, not having lines in degital work, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have various tools to eliminate lines and depending, and I am not sure depening on what, if it is order of placement, color, transparency, blurred border, or other border tools, plus an erase or softening tool, that work best. It doesn't seem consisant to me. It depends on a lot of things, how dark the scan is or photo, color, and maybe order of tool use, and lets not forget combination of my choices.

We have a big ole frost, the ground is white in most areas, I can see garden pics will be limited, but then you never know some things may have survived. Really, I have been talking a lot abouot things that are not for sure. Just like psoting on the blog sometimes it lets one do 5 photos, and sometimes more. I have said on occasion that things are more fun when one doesn't know exactly how they will turn out, it sounds like I am having a lot of fun. I do like the angel in the garden, the angel is mixed mediums I did quite a long time ago.


Jeanne Nelson said...

Beautiful pieces, Emelie! The angel in your garden is such a peaceful image, and I love the words you've used on this piece.

Oh, frost, phewy! I hope plenty of beauties have survived it. Your garden is gorgeous, and it's difficult to imagine it fading away.

Again, I have enjoyed my visit to your front porch. What a beautiful way to begin another day.

Diane said...

Emelie--Awesome!--I love this latest piece so much!!

wanda miller said...

emelie, emelie...these are ALL FANTASTIC! i've been busy and away from the computer..and then thought i'd pop over here before bedtime! and so glad i did...just love love love what you are doing!