Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Brown Paper Bag and 15 Minutes

I have been stuck, a lot to do so I read my book and do minor fussy things like run the vac, cook, weed in short spurts. I also did some planting of broccoli and tended the vegetable garden. Spinach, lettuce, radishes, kohlrabi, plus 7 of the 30 hills of potatoes I planted are up. Self seeded dill is running the show so I have to get rid of some of that. Dill is wonderful in garden bouquets, I don't enjoy making pickles.

I always have some sheets of cut up paper brown paper bags, sho I remember a lesson a while back on 15 minute paintings. You see All Norah's Art on the side to the right, she talked about this some time ago and I remember it was quite fun. You take the foam off a foam brush and use the plastic tab that is left. For some satisfaction in the day I did this face and background. Her dress is paper trim used as a stencil.

I also altered the painting with a photo and layered the painting to slep into the bacground of the photo. More satisfaction. I only have a few hours to feel satisfied as tomorrow will be here soon and then I will need to think again of what to do so I can do the things that shout, do me do me.


wanda miller said...

oh how i have to try that soon, emelie!!! this is the best paper bag painting i've ever seen...DELIGHTFUL and soooo PRETTY!
...and come when there is even more daylight, there seems to be not so much time to take care of every little bloomin'(pun intended :}) thing?! thanks for even more inspiration!! xo

wanda miller said...

oh emelie, i know i keep saying this, but have to say it again...i just treasure your own personal posts on YOUR blog and then the one's you leave on mine. you so get life, it's obvious and i suspect we're close in age...i'm at the point where one remembers what happened in 2nd gr. before i remember what i did yesterday.
i so agree, that we must spread our cheer, life can be tough sometimes. and then to seek out someone from long ago telling them how wonderful they made you feel, emotions filling your art, ya' gotta be on the right track!!! xo

Diane said...

Emelie, this is awesome!

Nelda Ream said...

This is wonderful, Emelie! I love the way you used a brown paper bag for a substrate.

Anonymous said...

lovely blog....i just found you through misty's site....comments about the art class. i'm taking it too and am very excited! glad i found you and i'll check back often.

Hello Hoobubby / Alexandra said...

Beautiful work. I just found your blog through Misty's site and just wanted to let you know I am enjoying it!