Sunday, May 23, 2010

Inspiration Borrowed and Garden

Inspiration from Floundering Star mae me wat something new in the garden art catagory. I had these things sitting around here and there and no real use for that odd pottery base. Birdbaths are very expensive especially pottery type. This was around 2.00.

The garden is thriving, yet I have not much color, purple, lime, and hits and misses of white or burgandy. Yet I like it's calmness in early light or late light in the day. I have done a lot of garden nurturing in this past week. Also a small garden by the back door and some containers. Plants will get a good start with very warm temps this week and maybe some rain.

I have a class this week also teaching getting a painted face into a quilt. Looking forward to that and wanting to paint.
I have a painting done that is rather pathetic. Pathetic happens when I have a lot of distractions


Diane said...

Oh, everything looks so lush and healthy--love it--what a beautiful way to create. Have fun with your class!

Star said...

Gosh, I am soooo behind!
I love what you did making the birdbath/feeder. I promise I will get back to you with instructions. I'll tell you this much right now....use GE 11 clear silicone (outdoor for doors/windows)it comes in a small tube for small items, otherwise for the totems I use the tubes that need a caulking gun. Clean the pieces where they will get glued with alcohol first. Where it oozes out when pices are pressed together, then take your finger and smooth it all the around to make a nice tight seal.

Your garden looks so lush! Mine is not good this year so far. I didn't get it cleaned up nor's so full of grass and weeds that it overwhelms me. I've had a eye infection now so couldn't get out it's way too hot and humid. Wisconsin weather!!!

Hope you enjoy doing another class!

wanda miller said...

the bird bath you made is absolutely beautiful, emelie! and your garden is so worth the work, eh?
...and we all know about pathetic pieces of work...with paint you can cover it up and fix it some times and sometimes NOt! you are very creative from the looks of that bird's pretty enough to be inside somebody's house.
good luck with your class!

wanda miller said...

hey glad the fabric paper excited you...i have never been sorry for all the work it takes and MESSYYY! i use them in everything, later! the process i wrote out is under verdigris rose on my blog...then the instructions are under "comments" on her post with the pink flowers. there is only one other of her posts before that.
i will be glad to help you with any thing about making these...just shoot me a note. xo

Angela said...

always good to find a new use for the pretty but odd. I can hear Josie saying it's "too hot"

wanda miller said...

hey emelie, i edited an insert on my blog for you and others...also, once again...i'll be glad to help any way possible..just let me know! xo

wanda miller said... my surprise and delight, carolyn, my sister, left you a note in the comment section, emelie...this blogging is such an adventure...a happy one i might add!!! xo

Nelda Ream said...

What a beautiful garden, Emelie!