Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thinking of Mom

Because of this being close to Mother's Day and being busy the end of the week I think I will do postings about that, and grandmother.

My mom painted a lot also, however she didn't start at age 19 like I did, she started in her fifties. Now as I think of it, I am glad she had this pleasure, I have thought this for a long time, once one leaves the self-centered stage of life
you can appreciate the things and have better understanding of what your parents were about. As years pass I understand better only because I have experienced some of what she said. My mother was not an easy going person or an easy person at all,
but I get it now. Like she said, someday you will know. Someday is here and has been for a while.

This is one of her paintings, it is oil and done with a palette knife. It is one that I have up in my house and one I liked best.


Diane said...

Beautiful--she also had a gift--and luckily she was able to find it in her life.

wanda miller said...

beautiful painting, i would have it hanging in my house as well, emelie. i love your honesty here and you DO write so well, getting your messages across to many of us...we do understand after we are mothers and know more about life...beautiful gift to us for a posting of mother's day. xo wanda

Star said...

Now we see where your painting talent comes from! What a great picture! Nice post, too.
It is so true that we understand more and more as we get older about why and how our mothers were.

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing, Emelie!

I see where some of your talent comes from!