Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saying Goodby to Tulips, Tenderly

Tulips are gone, I miss them, and then to think a whole year till I see them again.

I did this very small painting with little time thinking of progression. It was also done thinking of class and the faces we did that were of a choice. The class women wanted things to look at but so amazing the way they turned out all different from hot colors to a swedish look, to small young face charm, to a pretty women with great hair. All so different with influence that led them their own way and made me very pleased. A good day with gratly fun people.

This painting will be easy for you to see the original and the altering of the painting with layering on the computer.


Diane said...

Love her softness. Isn't it funny how we're all taught the same thing, and it always comes out our own unique way even if we want it to look like the teacher's.

wanda miller said...

so sweet, so tender she is!
i enjoyed what you said about your teachings and how everyones art comes out so differently..this is one of my favorites while doing projects with my after school kiddies...they learn so much from one another, like how we can create differently and have an appreciation of those differences...must have been just wonderful for you, emelie. xo