Thursday, May 13, 2010

Red Flowers for Rose

I had been looking at abstract flowers and felt a need to paint some, especially dark rose colored ones. I painted them first because that was the wanting. Also I felt inspired by Peony Tulips that display such grand shape and color. Peony tulips also last a long time when you put them in a vase. I realize these flowers don't liik like a Peony Tulip.

I also put new effort into the eye shape and color and used a new platic doily for a stencil. The paintig is only 6X8 and I was not even going to do a face I was just seeing if I could do some flowers that looked like these do. A face always enters the picture and that isn't because I see one in the abstractedness of a background it just wants to be painted.


Diane said...

Emelie, I love where you going with your art--did you see that Sharon is going to have a new class?

wanda miller said...

emilie, this turned out so soft and sweet. i'm so glad you showed us how it started. it is so mysteriously BEAUTIFUL! xo